Indepentent Building Expert
Fortbildung: Erkennen, Sanieren Vermeiden von Schimmelpilzen in Innenräumen
   Independent - expert - fast
 Private Expertise   

  Identification of root causes:
  Causes determination of construction and building to building, damage analysis and advice
  Identification of root causes: Heat and humidity protection
Mildew/mould in residential spaces
Damage to plaster and masonry facades
Damage to wooden structures
  Damage Assessment and proposals for remedying structural deficiencies/defects and building damage
  Acceptance of buildings, flats or partial achievements in the civil engineering
  Gebäudethermografie: schnelle Analyse von thermischen Schwachstellen am Gebäude

Thermographic Service for Buildings:
Non-destructive (no-contact) tracking of thermal bridges, and leakages in buildings and apartments (inside and outside) and electrical circuits ... Thermographic Expertise including consultation and remedial proposals

  Building damage isn't just uneconomical, it's more than a huge nuisance to everyone involved. Undetected building damage has an especially harmful effect on the structural fabric, cutting return on the building over many years.

We offer you professional help in detecting the defects and drawing up remedial measures before it's too late. As independent expert assessors, we are ideally positioned to carry out fast and reliable damage analysis and expertise.

Foresighted action pays dividends when your property's getting a bit long in the tooth!
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